Top Online Marketers of 2009

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Most Influential Online Marketers of 2009

Online marketing has evolved tremendously over the last decade. Within a single decade the interest and need for understanding this space has grown to insurmountable lengths. And there are the select few carrying forward...  

In compiling our second ranking of the Invesp’s Top 100 Marketers, we struggled with determining the exact criterion because every marketer has made contributions. We determined that marketing your company, your products or yourself had to meet four requirements. Learn about the factors we used to determine the final top 100 ranking.

The top marketers of 2009:

What were the vote results?

Here are the final results from the voting process. The voting process was important to see what the online marketing community felt. We did not affect our ranking process with the voting results because they are two entirely different points of view.

How did we rank the top 100 marketers of 2009?

Learn about the process of selecting the top marketers of the year started in October of 2009. Learn about the factors that impacted the final ranking.


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