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By Todd Malicoat

Aaron WallAaron Wall is a true American success story. After a decade of becoming a self-taught search marketer and self-made entrepreneur, Aaron is a teacher to thousands as the mastermind of the Internet Marketing Training Forum at after starting his passion for the topic from humble beginnings. Aaron's honest assessment of the state of the web, and unique ability for observation make him the go to source for all things search marketing. Aaron has an uncanny ability to predict marketing trends based on economics, understand web marketing and development, and analyze demographic and user behavior, and execute the predictive strategies create a skillset that is shared by very few. His passion for both the written word, and these topics has proved him as one of the foremost experts on modern marketing. For these, and many other impressive reasons, Aaron has been included as an advisory board member to the Lifeboat Foundation, and the several lists of the world's most prolific marketers.

Over the last couple years, websites he owns and Aaron himself have been mentioned in niche online and print marketing publications like iMediaConnection and Marketing News, as well as popular tech sites like Slashdot and TechCrunch, right on through to large mainstream news publications like The Wall Street Journal, The London Times, Wired, USA Today, BusinessWeek, Business2.0, Time Magazine, The Register, MSNBC, and The Guardian.

Aaron has built some amazing free search engine optimization tools in his decade in search marketing. His favorites include:
  • Hub Finder - good link analysis tool for finding hub sites which may be good targets to request links from
  • SEO for Firefox - modifies search results to show marketing data inline with the results
  • SEO Book Keyword Research Tool - driven off Overture, this tool cross references just about every useful keyword research tool on the market.

Todd Malicoat  is an SEO and Social Media Consultant based in San Francisco. He authors the popular seo blog

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What others have to say about Aaron -

Diane Vigil of  DianeV Web Design Studio:

Having been a fan of Aaron's blog for some time, I joined his forums due to curiosity about what was going on behind the wall, where he honored me with an invitation to moderate. :)

Since then, I've been impressed with the fact that Aaron spends a great deal of time in his forums, personally answering questions and contributing to the dialogue — and not just with rock-solid SEO of which he provides plenty, but with choices of niches, how to determine whether a niche might be profitable, new directions to take sites in order to improve them, site organization, content creation, ideas for content, calls to action, analyses of sites. Also impressive is his breadth of knowledge, which is not limited to the above. And all without an attitude or PRing himself — just good, actionable tips put forth to be of help. As I said the other day, Aaron is the real deal.

Debra Mastaler of Alliance-Link and the author of the popular link building blog: The Link Spiel

Aaron Wall works tirelessly to make the SEOBook Community the place to learn all things SEO/SEM by sharing his vast experience and cutting-edge expertise. We are all better SEO's because of it.

Jeremy Luebke an SEO expert and SEOBook community member

Aaron Wall's teachings make most other marketing websites look like childish dribble. He always looks beyond the marketing aspects towards the bigger picture. Anyone who cannot become a successful entrepreneur after reading what Aaron has to say, just isn't trying.

Eric Covino - President -Creative Signals - 

The quality of the community Aaron has built is unparalleled in the market. This is also why he has been able to attract and keep top rate moderators. His commitment to SeoBook's customers, his willingness to share his vast amount of knowledge, and his uncanny ability to tell it like like it is has made many people successful beyond their wildest imaginations (myself included). His teachings have directly resulted in a 1000% improvement in my business and for that I will be forever grateful.

Stever, a member of the SEOBook community

Too many me-too SEO blogs concentrate on regurgitated and often dubious theories about the "how" - Aaron's been covering something more than the nuts and bolts in his own way for some time now. But the principal attraction is that he makes this reader think, and that he does so consistently.

For that reason he's gathered a community which range from experts in their fields to those just beginning to explore the world of search marketing. Most of them with one thing in common - they aren't followers and they have their own opinions which they are not shy about voicing. And they too consistently make me think - something for which I am profoundly grateful.  

Patrick McKenzie, software entrepreneur.

I've been active on Aaron's SEOBook community since he launched with the subscription model. It built on the years of solid information published on his blog (which is probably responsible for half of what I know about SEO), and has been an invaluable resource for me. 

There are literally individual sentences that he has written that have made me thousands of dollars -- beginning with a five second tweak he suggested to a call to action on my website. (5% increase on $X0,000 of sales per year, you want to do the math?) He is long on actionable insights and short on the self-promotion and hucksterism that are far too common in our industry. 

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