3. Brian Clark, Copyblogger

By Chris Garrett

brian clarkBrian Clark likely needs no introduction, but you might know him better by his blogging monicker, Copyblogger. While his super-successful blog is his most famous accomplishment, with just under 100,000 subscribers, we should not overlook his consistently sold-out Teaching Sells training product, developed with Tony Clark (no relation) and the fantastically popular Thesis theme for WordPress with his partner Chris Pearson.

Back when the popular view amongst bloggers was that information wants to be free and let's all hold hands around the camp fire, Brian was at the forefront of the new wave who found generating profit from your content was a worthy goal. His advice is now recommended reading, getting multiple old and new media mentions on a regular basis and rubbing virtual shoulders with the likes of Seth Godin.

While not a prime requirement for a marketer, or a former attorney, he is also a very cool, high integrity guy. This has made him not just one of the most respected figures of the blogosphere, Brian is also one of the best liked.

You might think with all he has going on in his business life that he would be all work, work, work, but several unnamed sources tell that Brian knows how to enjoy himself, and his encyclopaedic knowledge of music doesn't end at music history appreciation but also extends to rocking out when he gets his party on.

Chris Garrett is an internet consultant, writer, web geek and co-author of the popular ProBlogger Book. He shares his wisdom and thoughts on his popular marketing blog.

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