10. Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz

By Khalid Saleh

Rand FishkinThere are perhaps tens of thousands of SEO companies and SEO consultants, but very few true industry leaders who shape and influence the thinking of others. Rand is on top of the list although many experts claim seniority over his 8 years in the industry.

After you work in the SEO/SEM field for a few years, the concepts, ideas, and implementations tend to get repetitive. There are very few original voices. Rand has always been on top of my list. Not only does he share valuable and unique insights on the industry’s top blog, but he is a leader, a force, and a great source of knowledge in the industry, not to mention that he’s a really nice guy.

When Rand decided to accept private funding in 2007, I expected, as many others did, for SEO research to and development to reach new heights and levels. And I was not disappointed. Linkscape is a tool that Rand and the folks at SEOmoz released in late 2008, but it became standard SEO practice in 2009. If you had the chance to listen to Rand in any of the SEO conferences last year, you would have heard many of the great data insights that will actually help guide your SEO implementation.

Rand is a world-wind of energy, from conference to conference and  project to project, he still managed to find time to co-authorArt of SEO, one of the top SEO books of all time. And when one of our clients asks for a recommendation for an SEO company, SEOmoz is one of the top ones on our list.

Khalid Saleh is the president of Invesp

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